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Build a Conference App part 1

In the video above I show you how to build a mobile conference web app using DataFlex Studio. I start out with a database containing Attendees, Presenters, Agenda, Days and News. I also prepared a workspace to build the application within.

First I create the simplest part and that is the News views. Because we are going to link to the Zoom view in the Select wizard later I start by creating the NewsZoom view. When that is done I move on to the NewsSelect view which is a list of all the news. I also want to be able to click on one of the tiles in the start view of the application in order to get to the news list, so I modify one of the tiles so that it opens the NewsSelect view when clicked.
It turns out that the data in the news table look quite bad, but it can easily be fixed by reindexing the database, which I will show in an upcoming video.

Now we move on to the attendees and that is also quite straight forward, just as the news view. It is first when I get to the Agenda it starts to be interesting, because here I also want to use the days as a filter prior to the AgendaSelect view. And the Zoom view for talks is a header detail view with the talk as header and the speakers as detail.

This is just the basic structure of the application and in the next video I'll go more into fixing the issues that the wizards are not able to solve and probable in a later video we are going to look at the design of the application and what could be done in order to style it more like your brand.

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