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Order header detail view

This is a short session, because it is easy ;)
We have an order and an order_detail table in our database. We should also make sure that there is a relation between the tables. And then we can start building our view.

So we start by creating a new view with the Web View Wizard and call ti oOrder. Then we select the Header Detail option. The child table in this view is the order_detail table, then we get a list of related parents and here we select the order. Now we can select all the columns we want to display in our view, both in the header and the detail sections. Then we can specify the layout and check the preview so that it looks like you want it.
Now the code will be generated and you can run the code and everything should work.

Now we want to do some small modifications, like changing the Date form object from a cWebForm to a cWebDateForm and this will render a date picker in the form view.

In the upcoming videos we will learn to calculate the totals in our view and also how to create a look up list so that we more easily can find our orders.

- DataFlex, Header Detail View

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