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Starting WAMP on Windows 10

The problem

I have been using wamp for many years, without any problems. Then Skype came and stole port 80, but that could be solved in the settings of Skype. But since installing Windows 10 more and more Windows features seem to occupy port 80. On my computer it is primarilly BranchCache that causes problems. For a long time that could also be managed by disabeling BranchCache and setting it not to start. But for the last month or so the service ignores the disabled setting. Which is really anoying. This means that every time I start restart my computer I have to disable that service before starting WAMP. The last week matters got even worse, because the service was restarted again and again, so every time I changed a setting and restarted WAMP I had to stop BranchCache. And for some reason even more services seemed to block port 80.

The solution

In my search for a solution I came over some bat commands that proved usefull. So I created a bat-script that look like this:

net stop http
cd wamp

net stop http stops all services currently occupying port 80. Then the wampmanager.exe starts the WAMP server. But in order for this to work you need to run it as administrator. You can do this easily by creating a shortcut to the bat-script and configure the shortcut to start the script as administrator. Now this is the script I run every time I need to start the WAMP server.

Hope you enjoy this tip, and maby it has opened your eyes to more things you can automate on your computer. For instance if you have a list of applications you are starting for work, you could actually start all by the click of one icon, just by creating a small script like this.

Probably a better solution

After using this strategy for a while I realized that it was also killing my printer drivers and other usefull stuff on the computer. To solve this I accepted the defeat and changed the port number on the apache server. I do not like this solution but at least it does not cause any conflicts on the computer... Only with me having to make sure I always type the right port number in the url.

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