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Inhabition hackathon in Helsingborg

The last three days has been an intense experience. I was put in a team together with my partner in Citypolarna and three other persons in a team we called “Ihopplocket” (The collected).
The group consisted of Marie Nilsson, Fredrik Hjärpe, Christian Altenius, Johan Broddfelt, Christian Lie and together we set out with the goal to help citizens over the age of 70 in Helsingborg in Sweden become more social and more keen on using the internet as a tool.

Thursday afternoon

Creating two persona that in general terms describe the person we want to target with our solution. A technical illiterate and one with more technical experience but unsure of the opportunities online.

Thursday night

We have identified two ideas that we want to dive deeper into. One that focuses on a combo digital and physical meeting place and one that deals with the development of simpler solutions to everyday problems such as paying bills, reading mail and the like, using existing technologies in an elderly home.

Friday morning

At the meeting, everyone drew up a few different inspirational ideas that could help us brainstorm further individually around the two ideas we have embarked on. This was meant to help us think in new ways to create new more concrete solutions around the two ideas we are working with.

Friday afternoon

We now have some ideas and one is almost a complete concept, around the physical and digital meeting place. The idea was to create a map with QR-codes that link to an ongoing video conference at those locations. We have also booked 3 meetings with coaches and a representative from the target audience to get some feedback and pick one of the ideas to pursue. After the meetings, the map was a clear winner of the two, and we got to work again. Now the focus was more on the presentation.

Friday night

Everything is moving in a fast pace and we split up the work to focus on specific pieces. The draft of a storyline is complete, and everybody have a clear picture of the outcome. Some adjustments to the story are made, Marie create some nice illustrations and Christian Lie re-design the map from my draft, so that it will feel even more at home in Helsingborg.

Saturday morning

Everything is packaged in a ppt we put the last touch on the story, illustrations and map and produce an extra slide with technical information and one with our unique selling points (USPs).

Saturday afternoon

I read our presentation for the jury and now the waiting begins. You can see the presentation about 20 minutes into the following video and this link will take you right there

Sadly, the jury did not pick us as the winner, but we got great feedback from the coaches and the representative from the target audience we had talked to. So, we are happy for all the positive response and who knows this might still lead to something, since it has such a low threshold to bring to be. We are still in conversations on possible ways to realize this product in the near future. Be it without the price money.

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