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Building your own framework

This will be a series of posts where I will take you through all the steps of building this website and the framework behind it. Wy don't I just use wordpress or some other fancy framework? Well because this is my way of really having you get to know the code from scratch. I will show you the code and tell you all the thoughts that go through my mind when I decide what letters to type in my editor. And I'm actually writing this text as I'm starting to build my site. This is not the framework that I have built before but a completely new framework, building on all the knowledge I have from previous projects. Let's dive in...

And I'm sorry to disappoint you. There is actually no code today. I'm starting by sketching out some ideas on a piece of paper. The idea is that I will have a slim site, where the content is king. I will have a small menu with the essentials. And a way of looking up posts by tag and by date built right into the menu. The idea is also to make it fit easily into a mobile device.

So here are my sketches.

- Framework, PHP

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