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Next hill - Beginner's guide to business

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Nästa kulle - Nybörjarens guide till företagande

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Strategies for success
Practice makes perfect
Focus, focus, focus
Follow your passion
5 WHY’s
Set goals
Serve and the money will come
The gap of knowledge
The earlybird gets the worm
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Divide and conquer
Product or Service
How to find your calling
The tribe with a common need
Why design is important
Design and emotions
The design process
What to design and how
Let users influence your design
Who is your target audience?
Unique Selling Point (USP)
Which platform should I market on
How to create traffic
No marketing is not an option
Automate marketing
Permission marketing
The customer journey
The hero's journey
Benefits of a tribe
Occupation with a bad reputation
Questions are your best friend
Rejection and failure
Finding prospects
The close
Additional sale
Structure and planning
Sales funnel
Process optimization
Business software
Standard systems vs tailored vs DIY framework
Don't downsize - Optimize
Automate or delegate
Project management
Machine learning (ML)
Start up investment
What is money
Confusing good advice
Think inside or outside of the box
Focus but don't put all your eggs in one basket
Target audience and the masses
Find your passion or get rich
Fail fast or be patient
Word from the author
Reference list


Are you thinking about starting a business, have you started and don’t really get the result you expect or is the business not as good as it used to be? Then I hope you’ll get some new ideas from reading this book. I started out developing business applications for businesses about fifteen years ago and about five years ago I realized that in order to serve my customers better I needed to learn more about the issues they had. Because most of them was not on the lookout for business applications, but as soon as I had built the first system they got the point and started asking for more. But it seemed to be a gap of some sort between what I knew would benefit the business and what the owner knew could be done. I knew that most business owners would not educate themselves in what could be done with an IT solution and how it would benefit them, in order to be better at demanding relevant solutions. So I set out on a quest to bridge the gap from my side. This resulted in me trying to learn the best strategies for running a business, reading books, watching online classes, experimenting with my own business and following a list of podcasts on the topic. While I did that I notice that there were a lot of things that came up again and again as important regardless of what area you were working within. Most of the books I read was telling a lots of stories to drive a single point home. Stories makes it easier to remember the points that the writer is trying to put across. But often the main point is buried in the story and you may not have the time to read an entire book on each of these topics, and certainly not a whole bunch of them. Other times you only get the essence, a phrase or a list of statements, but it lacks all the relevant background information on when and how to use them. This book started as a way to collect all the things I’ve learnt in a more digestible format. Trying to bring all the points I have learnt together and connect the dots and bring out the essentials as I see it on how to build a stronger and more inspiring business.

See this book as a reference book that you can use to explore the most important topics for personal and business success. I expect that if you find a topic interesting you’ll take the time to study it further on your own. Because what I am writing here is a compilation, just a scratch in the surface of each topic. But hopefully I managed to scratch out the most important and relevant pieces.

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